Managing the virtual meeting

Managing the virtual meeting: hoe maak je het zo effectief mogelijk?

  • Opleidingsniveau:
  • HBO
  • Duur van de opleiding:
  • 10 uur

  • Max deelnemers:
  • 12 personen

  • Prijs:
  • € 949,-

Waarom deze training?

atSync has years of experience in virtual collaboration and learning. In this training we would like to show you the best way to prepare for effective virtual meetings.

If you’re having regular conference calls, conduct videoconferencing or present webinars, this is for you! We provide you the tools and skills to get the most out them.

  • Without dail-in and login issues?
  • Without irritating background noises?
  • Without the deafening silence after your questions?

Wat ga je leren

In the Live Online training ‘Managing the virtual meeting’ we will use the virtual classroom where we can put our teaching in practice. Here you can experience and practice your new knowledge and skills.

We will teach you how to use your voice, to read nonverbal behaviour in the virtual space and online presenting skills.

We teach you how to manage your participants and ensure the meeting objectives are met.

Based on our experience you will learn how to prepare for technical issues and how to solve them.

Finally we share with you our tips and tricks to keep the participants engaged and to stimulate interaction.

Wat leer je

The classic meeting in a room is gradually replaced with conference calls, virtual meetings and webinars. How do you make these as effective as possible?

  • 3 x 2 hours  in the virtual classroom
  • Before, during and after the online sessions you will have access to our learning platform with background material, preparation exercises and interaction with the virtual class and trainers (this will take ~ 4 hours in total)
  • Ready to use templates and checklists to organise and execute your virtual meetings and conference calls


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